What Is Family

The term family use to hold weight now in these times family members are fighting each other because of their so called friends. It’s sad when friendship is valued more than kinship & when that starts happening that is a true sign of disaccord & family needs to do better. 

People are always saying that the title of friend is thrown away to loosely & although that holds true the title family has sensed joined that word. Family will turn on you quicker than a pissed off rattlesnake & then turn around & act as tho you did something wrong to them, when clearly it was their tails sounding like a baby rattle as they slithered off to go spread your business to others who would listen. I don’t understand how a family can have so much division & although you all come from the same place some seem to think they’re better because they no longer reside in that area. Family is suppose to be about love, unity, caring & support but some family members would rather support a complete stranger & that to me is a sign of ignorance &  immaturity. They say family isn’t everything it’s the only thing, sorry but I can no longer agree with that, because some members would rather see you fail instead of prevail. You know longer have to watch your back when you’re out with your enemies, you have to watch your back while attending family functions, you have to pat your own relatives down before giving them a hug because they’re the ones stabbing you in your back. 

It’s sad to say family is no longer those related to you by blood, family is now those who care for & love you unconditionally. 

Chelle B.

Conversations With Chelle 2018





It’s no surprise that election day is 13 days away, it’s no surprise that many  are not really feeling the two presidential candidates & have said “I’m not voting, what’s the point.” Well let me help you out with that, contrary to popular belief every vote really does count & not voting is basically you silencing yourself & leaving you without the right to complain about anything for the next four years. Also you should know that it’s not just our next president you’re voting for it’s your county politicians, state legislators & other agendas that affect where you live & your kids schooling. We have 34 of the 100 U.S. Senate seats & all 435 House of Representative seats are all up for election. People need to understand that voting is an important part of our democracy that help put the people in office that we feel are right to represent us & make the necessary changes that are in our best interest for our day-to-day living.

Understand that on the morning of November 9, 2016 we will have picked our 45th president & you not voting is giving the vote to the candidate that has received the most votes in your state & it could very well be the one that you don’t want in office, but remember you didn’t vote so you have NO right to voice your discontent. You silenced yourself when you made the choice to stay home or stay at work on November 8, 2016 when you could have been out there making a difference in the world. Even if you don’t think so you should know that EVERY VOTE DOES COUNT!! Not only that, think of your constitutional right that your giving up by not voting all because you’re upset with the two choices we have running for president. Me being an African-American Female I refuse to have my voice silenced because I know so many fought & paved the way for me to have this right & I will honor them by exercising that right. Look not voting would be a monumental mistake because mounting a successful tide-turning effort against attempts to roll back 50 years of progress is not an either or proposition, it’s a must!! We cannot afford to sit home & let others make our choices for us, we cannot let them decide that women of color should make significantly less than every white man when we are doing the same amount of work, if not more. Your voice matters which means your vote matters, black voters especially black women have a pivotal role to play in moving this country forward…….. GET OUT & VOTE!!!!


Let me leave you with a quote from the late great New York Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm “You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering & complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.”



Twisted World Twisted Thoughts

Twisted Thoughts Red

I have been hearing a lot of different things these days and I have come to realize that it amazes me at how twisted this world has become. You have females saying if a guy doesn’t hit her then he doesn’t love her. I have to say that has to be one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard of and I’ve heard plenty, but I can promise the women this, that is not love at all. A man, a real man is suppose to provide and protect you not harm, hurt, beat or batter you. A real man would rather leave you before he hits you, a real man would rather take blows and bullets for you rather than cause harm to you. We have to learn that love is not painful and is not meant to hurt us, love is meant to encourage us and protect us. Love is meant to build us up not tear us down. If a man has to hit and beat on you then like I said it is not love at all and you should really get out and get out fast, seek whatever help is available to you and take advantage of it. Then you have those that say you can’t have a relationship without having sex, well that’s a lie too because if he really loved and respected you enough to sleep with you then he should love and respect you enough to walk down the aisle with you. Men understand this if you don’t respect her enough to make her your wife then don’t lay down and have sex with her and ladies I say the same thing to you. We as women have to have enough respect for ourselves and say NO, we as people, male and female have to realize and know our worth. Don’t allow anyone to use you for their own pleasure and don’t allow yourself to be used for someone else’s financial gain. There are just to many diseases out there  today and I don’t see how anyone can just lay down with any and everybody and not even think twice about their health. If you don’t love you then you shouldn’t expect anyone else too.

I’ve been trying to figure out how is it that so many of us know the word of God, we even speak, quote and post scriptures of the word but have the hardest time living by the word. I know there is no perfect person walking the face of this earth but at the same time as the saying goes “When you know better you do better” so why is it so hard to do what the words says do? Often times people point out what other are doing wrong but fail to realize or see the wrong they are doing, they have on their “I do no wrong blinders”. Some parents can see their kids headed in the wrong direction but instead of trying to talk to them and put them on the right path they are quick to say “They grown they can do what they want”. Well news flash: if they are so grown why are they still living under your roof, eating your food and expecting you to cook and clean up for them and behind them. If they expect all this from you then you should expect for them to sit and listen to you and try to do better with their lives. You see them walking around have naked posting pictures of their asses in the air or a video of them twerking to some song. I mean it has gotten so bad I saw a video of a mother beating her own daughter like a common street chick and then I saw a little girl who I know couldn’t not have been over the age of 3 just grinding and shaking her body to a nasty song. To make matters worse you know someone had to teach it to her and someone actually took the time to video this and post it on Facebook for the world to see. If it wasn’t the mom then the mom should have been furious and ready to tear someone’s head off for even exploiting her child like this.

I’m not trying to speak about anybody in particular but if some of these things touched your nerves then maybe you need to reevaluate your thoughts and how you’re living your life. I am not perfect but at the same time I strive to live my life better day by day, I know my worth not just as a woman but as a person and a mother. DO YOU KNOW YOURS?