How would you feel…..

In life we all tend to make certain sacrifices for the ones that love us and we love but what happens when those sacrifices a person made for you leave them feeling a certain way. How would you feel knowing that something that puts a smile on your face puts a frown and pain in their heart. How would you feel knowing that something that makes you feel so good, makes them feel so horrible on the inside and secretly they cry. How would you feel that the person you love seems to make all the sacrifices when you won’t even try. How would you feel after you get  what you want from them they are left feeling all empty on the inside. How would you feel that because someone is trying to make you happy they are secretly making themselves sad and depressed. Do you really think your carnal needs and desires should be placed above the feelings of the person you love. How would you feel that in doing that you are breaking the person you love and who loves you heart? Would you feel less than a person and continue to focus on your own needs or would you pay attention to what they want and take their feelings into consideration? Does it matter to you that them pleasing you and trying to make you happy is breaking their heart into a million pieces and making them feel less than a person? I just want to know “How would you feel” knowing you are causing major heartache and misery to the person you say you love?
Purple broken heart