Sex Isn’t Love……Love Isn’t Sex……

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Throughout life and over time many have often confused love with sex figuring that the two go hand in hand, I will say that in some aspects they do but only in marriage. Also good sex should never be mistaken for love because you have people these days that enter into sexual relationships so casual and after a few good rounds in the sheets one person may catch feelings that are not being reciprocated by the other person. Most of the time some women feel that if a man have sex with them then that automatically places them in a relationship when I’m sure that never crossed the mans mind. Maybe if people stopped treating sex as a sport or daily activity there would be a lot less confusion going, or better yet if all the facts were laid out in advance it may cut down on some of the foolishness that may follow.

You see love is not always about sex, going out on fancy dates  or showing off for others. It’s about being with a person who makes you happy in a way nobody else have or can. It’s not about how many times, if any, that you all have sex. People still don’t understand that once sex enters into a relationship; without marriage things become more complicated, because you no longer are focusing on getting to know each other better and building an air tight bound; your focus is now on the fact of will you have sex when you see that person. Often times people tend to forget that the best type of intimacy doesn’t involve sex at all; it is when you and your mate can just chill and lie back with one another joking and laughing at the most dumbest things you can think of. It’s when you can just lie and hold each other and enjoy each others company with there being no hidden agendas on either persons part.

So if you are still confused about the two sit back and ask yourself this question: Will your relationship stand without sex being the main focus. If your answer is NO or you’re not sure you really have some evaluating to do.

Remember this: Love comes from the heart not any other body part!!




Do Actions Speak Louder Than Words….

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We all have heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words” well after careful consideration and after dealing with certain things and being put in certain situations I have come to challenge this age old saying, because if a person is listening to you their actions will mimic exactly what you want at that time, so does that really mean their heart is in it. 

I feel that words have more power than you care to believe they have, see to me someone can do whatever it is they have heard you say you want or need done and it not really mean much for the simple fact that they are just going through the motions of what they know you expect and therefore they are going to do what you want or need them to do in order to get what they want and or need from you. To me if I sit and talk to a person I can gauge their feelings and true intentions through their words and words have a better chance at piercing my heart than their actions. Don’t get me wrong I like to receive certain tokens of love and affection, things like “just because” flowers and cards. But to me most of the time actions are just a person going through the motions to fulfill the desire, want or need you have at the present moment or near future for their benefit of getting or obtaining something from you in the process. Understand this I can go out and buy whatever it is I think will make you happy, simply because I have sat and listened to the “words” you have spoken and since I now know that will please you I feel that if I go purchase that item I stand a better chance of getting whatever it is I want from you. See I don’t just want a person doing this and doing that because you feel it’s what I want and you’re thinking about yourself in the process. Sit and talk to me and let me look into your soul through your eyes and hear the words that you speak that way I can tell if you’re being honest and truthful with me. I don’t want to have my judgment of you cloudy by the things that you do for me, let my mind and heart be cloudy by the truth that you speak into my heart and soul. You may can go out and buy me anything I want in the world but none of that will mean a thing to me if you can’t speak the truth to me. See at the end of the day when you are getting to know someone or even after you feel you know them all you have is their word and I truly feel your word should be your bond and if you can’t take a person at their word then their actions are fruitless.  Yes I know people can tell lies but understand that actions lie and speak louder than words when you find out the action was a lie. Having someone go through the motions of “pleasing” you only to get to you or something from you. When all you should have done in the beginning was sit down and have a good face to face talk with them so you could look into their eyes and truly hear their words.

So once again I have to ask this question: Do actions really speak louder than words?

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