What Is Family

The term family use to hold weight now in these times family members are fighting each other because of their so called friends. It’s sad when friendship is valued more than kinship & when that starts happening that is a true sign of disaccord & family needs to do better. 

People are always saying that the title of friend is thrown away to loosely & although that holds true the title family has sensed joined that word. Family will turn on you quicker than a pissed off rattlesnake & then turn around & act as tho you did something wrong to them, when clearly it was their tails sounding like a baby rattle as they slithered off to go spread your business to others who would listen. I don’t understand how a family can have so much division & although you all come from the same place some seem to think they’re better because they no longer reside in that area. Family is suppose to be about love, unity, caring & support but some family members would rather support a complete stranger & that to me is a sign of ignorance &  immaturity. They say family isn’t everything it’s the only thing, sorry but I can no longer agree with that, because some members would rather see you fail instead of prevail. You know longer have to watch your back when you’re out with your enemies, you have to watch your back while attending family functions, you have to pat your own relatives down before giving them a hug because they’re the ones stabbing you in your back. 

It’s sad to say family is no longer those related to you by blood, family is now those who care for & love you unconditionally. 

Chelle B.

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It’s no surprise that election day is 13 days away, it’s no surprise that many  are not really feeling the two presidential candidates & have said “I’m not voting, what’s the point.” Well let me help you out with that, contrary to popular belief every vote really does count & not voting is basically you silencing yourself & leaving you without the right to complain about anything for the next four years. Also you should know that it’s not just our next president you’re voting for it’s your county politicians, state legislators & other agendas that affect where you live & your kids schooling. We have 34 of the 100 U.S. Senate seats & all 435 House of Representative seats are all up for election. People need to understand that voting is an important part of our democracy that help put the people in office that we feel are right to represent us & make the necessary changes that are in our best interest for our day-to-day living.

Understand that on the morning of November 9, 2016 we will have picked our 45th president & you not voting is giving the vote to the candidate that has received the most votes in your state & it could very well be the one that you don’t want in office, but remember you didn’t vote so you have NO right to voice your discontent. You silenced yourself when you made the choice to stay home or stay at work on November 8, 2016 when you could have been out there making a difference in the world. Even if you don’t think so you should know that EVERY VOTE DOES COUNT!! Not only that, think of your constitutional right that your giving up by not voting all because you’re upset with the two choices we have running for president. Me being an African-American Female I refuse to have my voice silenced because I know so many fought & paved the way for me to have this right & I will honor them by exercising that right. Look not voting would be a monumental mistake because mounting a successful tide-turning effort against attempts to roll back 50 years of progress is not an either or proposition, it’s a must!! We cannot afford to sit home & let others make our choices for us, we cannot let them decide that women of color should make significantly less than every white man when we are doing the same amount of work, if not more. Your voice matters which means your vote matters, black voters especially black women have a pivotal role to play in moving this country forward…….. GET OUT & VOTE!!!!


Let me leave you with a quote from the late great New York Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm “You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering & complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.”



Praying For Orlando….

Orlando Shooting


I have to say I still sit here in unbelief by the senseless act of a coward who took 49 innocent lives.

I want to say my heart, tears, concerns & prayers go out to all the families & friends that lost a dear sweet love one to such hateful act. My prayers are with Orlando during such a tragic time as this.

I have sat & read so many ignorant & hateful comments from people that I saw fit to do this post. Yes I identify myself as Christian and to me that means love & not passing judgment on anyone for anything, as the saying goes “who am I to judge” my life isn’t stellar. Now with that being said I want to know how can people fix their mouths to say this happened because it was a “gay” club. Now if you truly feel that way then tell me why did the shooting in South Carolina happen, because we all know it happened at a CHURCH? See I wish people would actually sit & think before they start opening their mouths & spewing such hatred. I’m not to sure about many others but from my understanding the God I have a relationship with is a God of  love & not hate, so for me to see so many so-called Christians say such negative & hateful things about such a tragic situation it really bothers me. We are here to pray for one another, send good vibes to one another not criticize & put down one another simply because their beliefs & or love happens to be different from yours, you can only give in account of your life and no one else. I also want to know why does it seem that homosexuality is the only sin in the world, when clearly it’s not. But from my understanding “Love the person, hate the sin”, isn’t that what the bible says, meaning you show love & caring no matter what!!

Now once again to those who are saying the “terrorist” choose this club simply because it was a “gay” club did you wait on the reports to read that he originally had plans to attack Disney World {I guess because DW is the gayest[happiest] place on Earth} but at the last-minute went into Pulse, a “gay” night club that he was known to frequent? See people are so quick to open their big mouths so they can get their little 5 seconds of fame on a camera or social media without even having all or even half the facts. I’m sure as the weeks go by more & more information will come out about who this guy really was but in the end we will never truly know the real reason as to why he did what he did.

So how about we take our focus off of the killer & place it where it belong; with the families & love ones of everyone involved and on gun control of our nation.

People love who they love it’s no one’s place to judge them or criticize them for that.

 I don’t have a full list but here a few names that I was able to get, I’m working on compiling a full list.

My Prayers Are With These Families & Love Ones……

Orlando Shooting3



Helping Another..Burning Bridges

I’m sure if you’re reading this at some point in your life you’ve lent a helping hand to someone who needed it, I’m also sure that someone has extended that same courtesy to you so therefore you should truly understand what I’m about to say.

If you’re going to do something or offer help to someone you should just do it without making demands or expecting anything in return, that even includes a simple “Thank You”, you shouldn’t expect someone to jump through hoops just to receive your help if your offer to help is coming from a good place. If you’re going to offer help then it should be between the two of you unless they choose to tell someone of the “blessing” they received from you. When helping someone it should be done from the heart & not from expectancy, you should never throw back in their face what you’ve done for them because in doing so it shows that you may have had an ulterior motive to begin with, which is why you offered it in the first place.


Now if someone has ever helped you, if they have ever stepped up when everyone else stepped back & out of the blue you get angry with them because things didn’t go your way or you just decide to cut them off for whatever reason you should at least extend them the common courtesy as to why. You should not leave them in the dark & have them guessing, I’m mean surely they deserve at least that from you.

Bottom Line Is This: Just because you feel you’re in a better place at the moment you never know what each day holds so you may want to be careful of the bridges you burn, once burnt there is no rebuilding. You have to be mindful of the people you help, because no matter how much you may want too it’s not meant for you to help everyone.

Burning Bridge

Because That Won’t Happen!!!!!!



The Great Snap Debate

My oh my where do I even begin with this one right here, guess the only thing to do is just jump right to it.
I’ve been seeing certain stupid post {yes I called them stupid you will soon see why} then after seeing a YouTube video a few days ago where a lady was literally in line at a store berating & cursing a young father out not only in front of his kid but also hers & the words that were coming out her mouth was just pure ignorant & I feel sorry for her son because of the things she’s teaching him.

Now in case you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about I’ll tell you, there seems to be this BIG misconception about the use of food stamps, I see all these ignorant pictures like this right here….No Job Groceries

Now correct me if I’m wrong but if a person has kids, no job & they’re receiving food stamps then those stamps only last for so long. What do you think the parents do when the food runs out before the next month comes, now tell the people what do your hardworking self do when your food runs out? See you have more income coming in & go out and purchase food items if need be but a family receiving food stamps don’t have that luxury, they have to “get by” the best way they can. I’m not really sure how much people seem to think a person gets monthly in food stamps but I’m sure it’s way less than they make working where they may get paid 4 times or month or twice a month. Also people would be surprised at the people who work but still get food stamps to try & help subsidize their minimal income so their kids can at least have a decent meal during the week.
I don’t seem to understand why the food stamp shaming is taking place, I’ve spoken with several people on both sides of the spectrum & I can assure you that those who get stamps would gladly trade places with those of you who unlucky people who have to pay for your food with cash. They would trade places with you because they feel they would have a sustainable income where they can better provide for their kids & they wouldn’t have to rely on so many processed foods just to make their food budget stretch month to month. How many of you would be willing to try & make it an entire month off of the amount of stamps that they get & yes you have to take in account the amount of  mouths they have to feed oppose to the amount you have to feed? I’ve seen several “celebrities” take the “food stamp” challenge & many of them have been honest & said they don’t see how it’s done.

See I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum & I can honestly say that I prefer working & buying groceries every pay period oppose to once a month, I can honestly tell you that I bought more groceries with cash every month than I did with food stamps. So if you’re feeling some type of way about the buggy on the left & think it’s so unfair because you’re a hard-working tax payer let me leave you with this small bit of information to chew on while you’re being pissed off about someone actually using their Snap benefits for feeding their kids…….


Now about the woman {and others who think like her} that was berating the man in the store for using food stamps & claiming that she pays so much out her taxes for people like him, since she’s so smart she might want to fact check herself & realize that $1 of every $5 spent to purchase items on food stamps is spent at Wal-Mart. And because of Walmart’s low wages, even full-time employees often still qualify for benefits. She would also know that the amount of taxes coming out of her paycheck {if what she’s saying is true about her paying taxes}for the snap program amount to only around $0.10 cents a day, which when added up is only $36.50 a year.
So next time before you repost one of the ignorant “memes” about anything you may want to fact check yourself so you won’t end up looking like a donkey’s backside in the long run.

You never know what someone’s story is, so why bully & shame them for trying
to feed their kids the best way they can, which happens to be Snap benefits, also you may want to know posting & doing videos to this effect is a form of bullying.
Try thinking before you post or repost such foolishness.

Not A Badge Of Honor……….



As always as I’m strolling through my social media timelines a post caught my attention, well this time it wasn’t so much as the post but more so the comment that was made on the post. The post was just plain and simple but that one comment that was made turned the entire thing around for me and made me start thinking.

You see NO I’m not a bad BYTCH, NO I don’t hang out or around bad BYTCHES, I’ve  never been one to like dogs therefore I see no reason to be one or have any around me at any given time.

NO I’m not his main BYTCH or even his side BYTCH, I’m his partner not his pet. I’m his helpmate not his playmate, he’s not walking me around on a leash, I have two legs and two feet not four and four.

I am a GROWN WOMAN and I hang around other GROWN WOMEN that do grown women things not women that want to sit around and refer to themselves as female dogs. See for the life of me I can’t understand why this is deemed acceptable by some when we all know that the minute a dude is pissed off with a lady and call her a BYTCH she’s ready to kill him or any other female for that matter that they feel “disrespected” them. Tell me this how can it be disrespect  if you and your so-called friends walk around calling yourselves that on a daily basis and even go as far as to put it out on social media for the entire world to see. Females often wonder why they are not shown respect or saw in a different light, well let  me help with that one: It’s how you present yourself!! What real man wants to be with a female who refers to herself as a BYTCH, what man wants a women who is posting pictures all on social media and calling herself and her “friends” BYTCHES. Understand that a real man don’t want to be with a “bad BYTCH”, he wants to be with a lady who has respect for herself, you must have self-respect before you can expect anyone else to respect you. You want to be a bad BYTCH & hang around bad BYTCHES well remember this: not all men like dogs and eventually those BYTCHES turn on each other when a male enters the “pen”.

Now I will leave you with this: What happened to the days when more females had more respect for themselves and didn’t wear the title “BYTCH” as a badge of honor, what happened to when females taught their young daughters that being a “BYTCH” is not a good thing but being a young lady is everything? Reality TV has really messed up so many females because they on there screaming about being bad BYTCHES then the mass seems to think it’s now acceptable when it’s not!!