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Praying For Orlando….

Published June 14, 2016 by chellebooker

Orlando Shooting


I have to say I still sit here in unbelief by the senseless act of a coward who took 49 innocent lives.

I want to say my heart, tears, concerns & prayers go out to all the families & friends that lost a dear sweet love one to such hateful act. My prayers are with Orlando during such a tragic time as this.

I have sat & read so many ignorant & hateful comments from people that I saw fit to do this post. Yes I identify myself as Christian and to me that means love & not passing judgment on anyone for anything, as the saying goes “who am I to judge” my life isn’t stellar. Now with that being said I want to know how can people fix their mouths to say this happened because it was a “gay” club. Now if you truly feel that way then tell me why did the shooting in South Carolina happen, because we all know it happened at a CHURCH? See I wish people would actually sit & think before they start opening their mouths & spewing such hatred. I’m not to sure about many others but from my understanding the God I have a relationship with is a God of  love & not hate, so for me to see so many so-called Christians say such negative & hateful things about such a tragic situation it really bothers me. We are here to pray for one another, send good vibes to one another not criticize & put down one another simply because their beliefs & or love happens to be different from yours, you can only give in account of your life and no one else. I also want to know why does it seem that homosexuality is the only sin in the world, when clearly it’s not. But from my understanding “Love the person, hate the sin”, isn’t that what the bible says, meaning you show love & caring no matter what!!

Now once again to those who are saying the “terrorist” choose this club simply because it was a “gay” club did you wait on the reports to read that he originally had plans to attack Disney World {I guess because DW is the gayest[happiest] place on Earth} but at the last-minute went into Pulse, a “gay” night club that he was known to frequent? See people are so quick to open their big mouths so they can get their little 5 seconds of fame on a camera or social media without even having all or even half the facts. I’m sure as the weeks go by more & more information will come out about who this guy really was but in the end we will never truly know the real reason as to why he did what he did.

So how about we take our focus off of the killer & place it where it belong; with the families & love ones of everyone involved and on gun control of our nation.

People love who they love it’s no one’s place to judge them or criticize them for that.

 I don’t have a full list but here a few names that I was able to get, I’m working on compiling a full list.

My Prayers Are With These Families & Love Ones……

Orlando Shooting3




Keeping Your Innocence

Published January 21, 2014 by chellebooker

   Often times you sit and wonder about all the things said to you

    you wonder about how much of it is really true

   You hear about this friend and that friend just giving theirs away

     But you are been determined and focus that yours is here to stay

    Everyone has told you that it’s the most precious thing you hold

     it surpasses the values of rubies, silver and gold.

    You know in your mind once it’s gone you can never get it back

     but you listen to your friends and they words start throwing you off track.

     Your friends try to tell you how good it is and tell you that sex never killed anyone just look at me

      but need I remind you how wrong they are, have you forgotten about AIDS and HIV.

      You know once that door is open it’s very hard to close back

       but yet in still you sit and listen to this fine, sexy goy who’s trying to mack

       You hear all the sweet nothings he’s whispering in your ear

        but the main thing he fails to whisper is that “Once I get it I’m going to disappear.”

        Disappear as he has with every other girl he’s sweet talked into his bed

        he can tell that the things he’s saying are starting to get to your head

     He’s feeling your head up with all sorts of false hopes and untruths

         his main focus is to only get that one thing from you

          That one thing that you hold dear to your heart and soul

              that one thing that’s once gone or taken can never be gotten back as you’ve been told

           The amazing thing is most virgins & those that are celibate don’t realize the power they hold!!


**Hold onto your Innocence because once you give it away it’s gone**

**Know your value as a young woman and respect yourself by keeping your legs closed**








So You Think You’re In A Relationship

Published May 17, 2013 by chellebooker

in a relationship

Relationships are taken to lightly these days and people tend to start something up with someone with out clear understanding of what they are doing or suppose to be doing. You know you have one person thinking they are in a relationship but the other person is just enjoying the ride. Too many times people tend to mistake sex for being in a relationship, just because y’all are having sex doesn’t mean you two are dating or even in a relationship, it just means that they enjoy having sex with you. So here we go I’m going to break it down for you so you can truly figure out if you’re in a relationship or not. Ask yourself this “Have you met his family, or even his friends for that matter?” You see most of the time you may be introduced to the friends but not the family if you’re just a side piece, now if you haven’t even met any friends then you really should know you are not in a relationship. Here is another question for you to ask yourself, “Have you two been anywhere together?” Like out to eat, the movies, a vacation or even shopping, has the other person allowed you to be seen in public with them? You see often times when the other person has a main person in their life they can’t take you around certain family members or friends because those people do not agree with or condone them stepping out on their mate. Ok, so lets say you have met some “friends” how close are these friends and are they friends of the opposite sex because if you’re dealing with a dude most of the time his friends aren’t going to say anything, if it’s females they may look at you a certain way because in their mind you are a home wrecker {male or female}. Now lets say by chance you are lucky enough to meet the mom, that could go both ways depending on the main person their child is with, see you have to understand the parent loyalty is to their child and not who their child is with or screwing at the time. Now moving on to something else, when they come over do you all have sex and that’s it, do they leave right after you all finish like all of a sudden something important has come up that they must tend to ASAP? Do they spend quality time with you, do they spend the night with you and if so do they happen to fall on the same nights week after week because if that’s the case they could be working around someone else schedule. When they come to visit do they leave their phone in the car or keep it on vibrate/silent telling you they didn’t want to be disturb while they were with you? LOL, that is the funniest and oldest lie in the book of lies. Are you allowed to call them or do you have to text them only, and if you do call do they answer the phone or do they call you back some time later? If you text them at night do the respond right back or does it take a while? See all these are questions to help you figure out if you’re in a relationship or not.

So you think you’re in a relationship and you haven’t met anyone not even the kids, they can only see you during the day for maybe an hour or two if you’re lucky. They give you reason after reason about meeting relatives and or friends, when they are allowed to spend the night they monitor their phone carefully by leaving it in the car and or turning it off saying the battery was dead and they can only spend the night on certain nights. When you call they don’t answer but will text you right back.

Bottom Line is this: If they can’t take you out in public and if you haven’t met any family members or friends and it’s been over 3 or 4 months then you may just be the only one in a relationship and at that point you need to sit down and talk to your “cutty buddy” about what y’all have going on. There is no use in wasting valuable time and effort trying to be with someone who don’t want to be with you.

Ladies, Gentleman the sooner you  realize your worth and laydown what you do and don’t want then and only then will you be able to face the fact that “They are just not that into you.”



Forever A Hero

Published May 4, 2013 by chellebooker

As the time draws near this is the day I have dreaded for the past week, you see just last Saturday a fearless and wonderful mother gave up her own life trying to save the lives of  five little girls, sad enough she was only able to save one, her life and the life of four precious little Angels we lost in a tragic house fire. I know many people may have questions as to why this happened or even why God let this happened, let me say this the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy not God. We have to learn how to not question God but to be thankful and find the good in everything no matter how tragic the situation was. See this young mother dedicated her life to working, raising her girls and taking care of her family the best way she knew how. She not only cared for her biological kids but for her other kids as well even though she did not give birth to them. Now as Alonna and her two lovely daughters, Erial and Nikkiah are being prepared to be laid to rest on this day all I can do is continue to pray for the family, friends and the community because this tragedy touched many lives. Now as tragic as this fire was and given the lives that were lost it still amazes me at the negative things people can bring themselves to say about this young lady who gave up her life trying to save lives. You see she had the opportunity to get out but she refused to allow those babies to lay in there helpless and perish. I ask myself would the ones who are doing all the negative talking about this young lady if put in that situation how many of them would have really given up their lives to save other lives. I’m sure at this point everyone is saying they would but I can guarantee you that if facing that same situation a lot of minds would change. So for the life of me I can’t understand how something like this has pulled an entire community together but yet there is still plenty of division, I can’t understand a person with a heart can fix their mouths to curse and speak negative about a young lady who is no longer here and can’t defend herself, I can’t understand how a person can talk about a woman who gave up her life. There is a lot I don’t understand or know and I may never understand or know but I do know and understand this; had she made it out alive and the kids didn’t she wouldn’t have been able to live with herself and the negative talks would still be coming and I’m sure threats would have been made. So as far as I see it this young mother fought and is still fighting {even though she is gone} a no win battle.  No matter what people say or what people think this young lady Allonna McCray White was and always will be a hero in my book. I tip my hat off you too you my dear and with that I say R.I.Peace and R.I.Paradise. I love you and I will always love you, it’s just sad that you still have haters after you’re dead and gone!

Lola Sky


Published May 12, 2012 by chellebooker

Do right by me and you can have everything good that’s within me.

I may not be who you want me to be, but I am who God made me to be.

I’m that rib that was taken from your side; I’m the one who’s sins were forgiven when He bled and died.

I’m the one who was put here to help not harm you; I’m the one who can help make your dreams come true.

I’m the one who was put here to love you uncondionally; giving you my all and not once actting selfishly.

I’m the one who gives without words having to ever be spoken; the one who know she won the prize because you are her token.

I’m the one who gives without cause; because just like Jesus I fail to see your flaws.

I’m the one who will never go against your dreams, and if given the chance you will see what I mean.

I’m the one who can help you withstand the test and trials you’re going through; But how can I help you if you don’t think my intentions are true.

I’m the one who is up walking the floors praying in the middle of then night; Just to make sure that you and the family can withstand this fight.

I’m the one who will no matter what ever stop loving you; But I can’t make you see or believe the truth.

Even tho I’m done-… You may have missed everything I was trying to say……..

.                                       IT’S SIMPLE I AM THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Only God Can Judge Me”

Published May 12, 2012 by chellebooker

All my past indiscretions and hurts

I will continue to bless His name til I’m covered with dirt


You may feel I’ve done this and I’ve done that

but you will never know because you never took a seat where I sat


You say oh you’ve slept with this one & maybe that one too

but you never ask therefore you never know the truth


Yes I’ve fornicated but I’m not the only one

how do you think you got your daughter and or son


To you I may have done nothing right

but to Him I’m perfect in His sight & he had to see something because He chose to give me life


So while you’re throwing your rocks and your stones

He still thinks I’m good enough to sit at His throne;

His throne of Grace and Mercy Will I reside & as I walk the face of this Earth

a smile I will keep because I know He’s by my side


You know that thing you’re wasting worrying bout me it’s called time

so live your life & let me live mine because