R&B Divas LA….Kelly Price


Now I know I am not the only one watching R&B Divas LA, and I have to admit after the foolishness caused by Nicci Gilbert in Atlanta I was kind of hesitant but I saw the cast and was like ok cool they have a bunch of classy females minus Lil Mo so it should be ok. Well let me start by saying this “I am sorry and I apologize to Lil Mo for prejudging based off her past, please forgive me.” Now with that said I totally had everyone pegged wrong, I thought Lil Mo would bring the hood drama and Chante Moore would bring the diva drama, and I figured Kelly Price would be the peace maker. Oh how so wrong was I, I was no where near the ballpark with my thoughts. After watching this show for the  past few weeks I have to admit that Kelly Price has committed career rebirth suicide, she comes off as such a bully, and a big ass liar, non of which is a good look for her because of her antics on the show and her attitude towards the other ladies I will no longer support her; I was watching Sunday Best the other week and when Kirk Franklin announced her I changed my TV quickly. I’m not really understanding where she is coming from with this drama filled attitude, no one owes her anything and to have her speak to grown women the way she does is totally unacceptable. Not sure what is going on with her and Dawn but I would assume a little brain washing behind the scenes, of course Dawn seems like a complete air head and can’t form her own thoughts and ideas so it would not be that hard to get inside her head, I mean it’s only wasted space. I’m not really sure why Kelly has the big attitude with Chante and Lil Mo because she was overly busy, yes she presented the idea but she was too busy to even set up anything and seemed to only want to push it when Chante went to her to let her know that she found a producer she wanted her to meet. I was totally floored when she sat right there and lied to that mans face, saying she knew nothing about him; both Chante and Lil Mo had told her about Fred. I mean they are the ones who stood up in her place when she left them looking like fools and not knowing they were suppose to get up on stage and if I’m not mistaken the main one that said she wouldn’t do it was……DAWN……. she had the most to say about Kelly not being there and how unprofessional it was of her. Now she is singing Kelly’s praises and riding her coattail.

I never thought Kelly Price would or could act so ghetto,  she tried to intimidate Chante Moore and Lil Mo but that didn’t work and when she saw it wasn’t working that is when she realized she needed to get someone back on her side and that someone happened to be airhead Dawn. Now they both were talking about underhanded and vindictive how about you took the name one of them came up with, ran and had a billboard put up with just you and Dawn, now that is underhanded. Kelly Price is suppose to be the grown adult lady but is running around acting like and immature child and a bronco bull at times. I feel she tries to intimidate everyone with her size and height and I truly feel she went into this with a hidden agenda. She knew everyone was expecting for her to be the caring and nurturing one but because she wanted to stand out she took on this entire other character because if that is how she truly is I’m surprised anyone works with her. I mean she has been relevant in a long time and I guess she took this opportunity to try and jump start her career but it didn’t go as planned because if this is what she planned she should have stayed at the drawing board a little while longer. I need for Mrs. Kelly Price to be a grown black woman owned up to her foolishness and lies she’s told and stop hiding behind her husband and speaking to him in order to get her point across. After this show I really don’t see to many people wanted to work with her or deal with her, she needs to get herself in check and I mean fast. All I can say is Kelly Price is the Nicci Gilbert in LA, lowdown, dirty and conniving all of which are not good looks for a black female in todays music industry and considering they both been off the radar for awhile you would think they would know the word humility, it goes a long way.

Now I’m not sure if she cares about what I say but since I am the ones of millions who helped her get where she is today she may just want to pay attention to what “the little” people have to say.




Reality TV…. Part 1

Reality TV2

Ok, now before I get started I know this is a touchy subject.

These days you can’t turn your TV on without seeing some type of crazy reality show. I admit I have and do watch some but there are some that I really wish they would simply take off the air or never started in the first place. You have some that started one way but has taken a turn for the worse or shall I say for the ratchet. Let’s get started with my ratchet list run down: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta that train wreck should have been derailed before it even got started. I mean I have not saw one thing positive come out of that show, all you see are African American women fussing, cussing, fighting or just plain looking like some dang fools. You have one chick on there where you can’t figure out if she is male or female or  what she is saying, I wonder did they ever think about doing sub-titles for her. The only thing I can say about that show is that I’m sure they pay them well enough where as they can get better butt pads and or just go get butt injections. Now we shall move on to Married To Medicine; I admit that I started off watching this show but already it has taken a turn for the worse, but I do have my favorites on there and I have those that I feel really don’t need to be there at all because you can tell they are trying to freaking hard to be important and relevant. Also I want to know why this one woman lips look like smashed sausages, you would think that with all the money she say she has she would get them fixed because they are not cute. Now what bothers me is this tackiness that goes on on the show and all the back biters that are being shown. You have doctors and doctor wives and instead of being grown up about situations they sit around and talk about other behind their back and not taking the time to get to know each other or getting the “REAL” truth. But I guess you can’t expect “real” truth in a realty show, I mean really how much reality is really in the show anyway. Now we shall move forward to RHOA, Lord give me strength because this show right her is enough to make a blind person poke their eyes out. They lost some people and I guess they needed to create drama so they went and got a psychotic maniac by the name of Kenya Moore to create and stir up controversy. Now I will admit that when the show first started it was a lot more positive then it is now and I did watch it until all the bickering and fighting started taking place. I mean I can’t understand 35+ year old females fighting and talking about everyone behind their backs then want to be invited somewhere. SMH Also at the same time I have saw some positive things come out of this show so I will not bash them for that but I will bash them for all the foolishness that they have going on. When will it ever end?

Now we have TI & Tiny The Family Hustle: Sorry y’all but there is really nothing bad I can say about this show, matter of fact I actually love this show because it shows how no matter what all people go through if they remain true to themselves and their family you can overcome any and everything. I like how TI does not just hand his kids whatever they want but he instill a work ethic in them so they won’t just depend on him. I love the fact that Tiny does not treat the kids any different and they don’t use the term “step” at all. I hate the backlash that Tiny get from females about her looks because to me she is a very pretty lady and she stand strong and beside her man no matter what. I can’t name too many females who would be able to endure what she has and still come out smiling and strong as ever. I would like to see more of this show but I can understand if they need their privacy back.

Now like I was saying you have those that should have never made it to the TV at all.

1. Preachers Daughter-Lifetime

A show about 3 young ladies who are- you guessed it Preachers Daughters and deal with everyday problems as regular daughters. So this show is not in any way an inspiration for anyone. It needs to be taken off ASAP

2. Preacher Wives-Lifetime

Now I’ve only saw one episode and that is the only episode I could watch. This show is a show that should never made it to the network at all because I was not getting “First Lady” vibe from the main “First Lady”.

3. Pregnant & Dating-WE TV

Now NO this show has not came on yet but I saw a trailer and it is horrible. I mean the title alone is enough to make you gag. Why can’t you just wait until you drop your load and then date or better yet where is the sperm donor?

Like I said you have good reality shows, you have bad reality shows, you have horrible reality shows and then you have the plain WTH reality shows. There are plenty more shows and as I peep them I will be doing a part 2.

So if it’s a show you would like for me to peep and discuss please feel free to leave your comments.