Helping Another..Burning Bridges

I’m sure if you’re reading this at some point in your life you’ve lent a helping hand to someone who needed it, I’m also sure that someone has extended that same courtesy to you so therefore you should truly understand what I’m about to say.

If you’re going to do something or offer help to someone you should just do it without making demands or expecting anything in return, that even includes a simple “Thank You”, you shouldn’t expect someone to jump through hoops just to receive your help if your offer to help is coming from a good place. If you’re going to offer help then it should be between the two of you unless they choose to tell someone of the “blessing” they received from you. When helping someone it should be done from the heart & not from expectancy, you should never throw back in their face what you’ve done for them because in doing so it shows that you may have had an ulterior motive to begin with, which is why you offered it in the first place.


Now if someone has ever helped you, if they have ever stepped up when everyone else stepped back & out of the blue you get angry with them because things didn’t go your way or you just decide to cut them off for whatever reason you should at least extend them the common courtesy as to why. You should not leave them in the dark & have them guessing, I’m mean surely they deserve at least that from you.

Bottom Line Is This: Just because you feel you’re in a better place at the moment you never know what each day holds so you may want to be careful of the bridges you burn, once burnt there is no rebuilding. You have to be mindful of the people you help, because no matter how much you may want too it’s not meant for you to help everyone.

Burning Bridge

Because That Won’t Happen!!!!!!




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