The Great Snap Debate

My oh my where do I even begin with this one right here, guess the only thing to do is just jump right to it.
I’ve been seeing certain stupid post {yes I called them stupid you will soon see why} then after seeing a YouTube video a few days ago where a lady was literally in line at a store berating & cursing a young father out not only in front of his kid but also hers & the words that were coming out her mouth was just pure ignorant & I feel sorry for her son because of the things she’s teaching him.

Now in case you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about I’ll tell you, there seems to be this BIG misconception about the use of food stamps, I see all these ignorant pictures like this right here….No Job Groceries

Now correct me if I’m wrong but if a person has kids, no job & they’re receiving food stamps then those stamps only last for so long. What do you think the parents do when the food runs out before the next month comes, now tell the people what do your hardworking self do when your food runs out? See you have more income coming in & go out and purchase food items if need be but a family receiving food stamps don’t have that luxury, they have to “get by” the best way they can. I’m not really sure how much people seem to think a person gets monthly in food stamps but I’m sure it’s way less than they make working where they may get paid 4 times or month or twice a month. Also people would be surprised at the people who work but still get food stamps to try & help subsidize their minimal income so their kids can at least have a decent meal during the week.
I don’t seem to understand why the food stamp shaming is taking place, I’ve spoken with several people on both sides of the spectrum & I can assure you that those who get stamps would gladly trade places with those of you who unlucky people who have to pay for your food with cash. They would trade places with you because they feel they would have a sustainable income where they can better provide for their kids & they wouldn’t have to rely on so many processed foods just to make their food budget stretch month to month. How many of you would be willing to try & make it an entire month off of the amount of stamps that they get & yes you have to take in account the amount of  mouths they have to feed oppose to the amount you have to feed? I’ve seen several “celebrities” take the “food stamp” challenge & many of them have been honest & said they don’t see how it’s done.

See I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum & I can honestly say that I prefer working & buying groceries every pay period oppose to once a month, I can honestly tell you that I bought more groceries with cash every month than I did with food stamps. So if you’re feeling some type of way about the buggy on the left & think it’s so unfair because you’re a hard-working tax payer let me leave you with this small bit of information to chew on while you’re being pissed off about someone actually using their Snap benefits for feeding their kids…….


Now about the woman {and others who think like her} that was berating the man in the store for using food stamps & claiming that she pays so much out her taxes for people like him, since she’s so smart she might want to fact check herself & realize that $1 of every $5 spent to purchase items on food stamps is spent at Wal-Mart. And because of Walmart’s low wages, even full-time employees often still qualify for benefits. She would also know that the amount of taxes coming out of her paycheck {if what she’s saying is true about her paying taxes}for the snap program amount to only around $0.10 cents a day, which when added up is only $36.50 a year.
So next time before you repost one of the ignorant “memes” about anything you may want to fact check yourself so you won’t end up looking like a donkey’s backside in the long run.

You never know what someone’s story is, so why bully & shame them for trying
to feed their kids the best way they can, which happens to be Snap benefits, also you may want to know posting & doing videos to this effect is a form of bullying.
Try thinking before you post or repost such foolishness.

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