Not A Badge Of Honor……….



As always as I’m strolling through my social media timelines a post caught my attention, well this time it wasn’t so much as the post but more so the comment that was made on the post. The post was just plain and simple but that one comment that was made turned the entire thing around for me and made me start thinking.

You see NO I’m not a bad BYTCH, NO I don’t hang out or around bad BYTCHES, I’ve  never been one to like dogs therefore I see no reason to be one or have any around me at any given time.

NO I’m not his main BYTCH or even his side BYTCH, I’m his partner not his pet. I’m his helpmate not his playmate, he’s not walking me around on a leash, I have two legs and two feet not four and four.

I am a GROWN WOMAN and I hang around other GROWN WOMEN that do grown women things not women that want to sit around and refer to themselves as female dogs. See for the life of me I can’t understand why this is deemed acceptable by some when we all know that the minute a dude is pissed off with a lady and call her a BYTCH she’s ready to kill him or any other female for that matter that they feel “disrespected” them. Tell me this how can it be disrespect  if you and your so-called friends walk around calling yourselves that on a daily basis and even go as far as to put it out on social media for the entire world to see. Females often wonder why they are not shown respect or saw in a different light, well let  me help with that one: It’s how you present yourself!! What real man wants to be with a female who refers to herself as a BYTCH, what man wants a women who is posting pictures all on social media and calling herself and her “friends” BYTCHES. Understand that a real man don’t want to be with a “bad BYTCH”, he wants to be with a lady who has respect for herself, you must have self-respect before you can expect anyone else to respect you. You want to be a bad BYTCH & hang around bad BYTCHES well remember this: not all men like dogs and eventually those BYTCHES turn on each other when a male enters the “pen”.

Now I will leave you with this: What happened to the days when more females had more respect for themselves and didn’t wear the title “BYTCH” as a badge of honor, what happened to when females taught their young daughters that being a “BYTCH” is not a good thing but being a young lady is everything? Reality TV has really messed up so many females because they on there screaming about being bad BYTCHES then the mass seems to think it’s now acceptable when it’s not!!


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