Keeping Your Innocence

   Often times you sit and wonder about all the things said to you

    you wonder about how much of it is really true

   You hear about this friend and that friend just giving theirs away

     But you are been determined and focus that yours is here to stay

    Everyone has told you that it’s the most precious thing you hold

     it surpasses the values of rubies, silver and gold.

    You know in your mind once it’s gone you can never get it back

     but you listen to your friends and they words start throwing you off track.

     Your friends try to tell you how good it is and tell you that sex never killed anyone just look at me

      but need I remind you how wrong they are, have you forgotten about AIDS and HIV.

      You know once that door is open it’s very hard to close back

       but yet in still you sit and listen to this fine, sexy goy who’s trying to mack

       You hear all the sweet nothings he’s whispering in your ear

        but the main thing he fails to whisper is that “Once I get it I’m going to disappear.”

        Disappear as he has with every other girl he’s sweet talked into his bed

        he can tell that the things he’s saying are starting to get to your head

     He’s feeling your head up with all sorts of false hopes and untruths

         his main focus is to only get that one thing from you

          That one thing that you hold dear to your heart and soul

              that one thing that’s once gone or taken can never be gotten back as you’ve been told

           The amazing thing is most virgins & those that are celibate don’t realize the power they hold!!


**Hold onto your Innocence because once you give it away it’s gone**

**Know your value as a young woman and respect yourself by keeping your legs closed**









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