Sex Isn’t Love……Love Isn’t Sex……

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Throughout life and over time many have often confused love with sex figuring that the two go hand in hand, I will say that in some aspects they do but only in marriage. Also good sex should never be mistaken for love because you have people these days that enter into sexual relationships so casual and after a few good rounds in the sheets one person may catch feelings that are not being reciprocated by the other person. Most of the time some women feel that if a man have sex with them then that automatically places them in a relationship when I’m sure that never crossed the mans mind. Maybe if people stopped treating sex as a sport or daily activity there would be a lot less confusion going, or better yet if all the facts were laid out in advance it may cut down on some of the foolishness that may follow.

You see love is not always about sex, going out on fancy dates  or showing off for others. It’s about being with a person who makes you happy in a way nobody else have or can. It’s not about how many times, if any, that you all have sex. People still don’t understand that once sex enters into a relationship; without marriage things become more complicated, because you no longer are focusing on getting to know each other better and building an air tight bound; your focus is now on the fact of will you have sex when you see that person. Often times people tend to forget that the best type of intimacy doesn’t involve sex at all; it is when you and your mate can just chill and lie back with one another joking and laughing at the most dumbest things you can think of. It’s when you can just lie and hold each other and enjoy each others company with there being no hidden agendas on either persons part.

So if you are still confused about the two sit back and ask yourself this question: Will your relationship stand without sex being the main focus. If your answer is NO or you’re not sure you really have some evaluating to do.

Remember this: Love comes from the heart not any other body part!!




R&B Divas LA….Kelly Price


Now I know I am not the only one watching R&B Divas LA, and I have to admit after the foolishness caused by Nicci Gilbert in Atlanta I was kind of hesitant but I saw the cast and was like ok cool they have a bunch of classy females minus Lil Mo so it should be ok. Well let me start by saying this “I am sorry and I apologize to Lil Mo for prejudging based off her past, please forgive me.” Now with that said I totally had everyone pegged wrong, I thought Lil Mo would bring the hood drama and Chante Moore would bring the diva drama, and I figured Kelly Price would be the peace maker. Oh how so wrong was I, I was no where near the ballpark with my thoughts. After watching this show for the  past few weeks I have to admit that Kelly Price has committed career rebirth suicide, she comes off as such a bully, and a big ass liar, non of which is a good look for her because of her antics on the show and her attitude towards the other ladies I will no longer support her; I was watching Sunday Best the other week and when Kirk Franklin announced her I changed my TV quickly. I’m not really understanding where she is coming from with this drama filled attitude, no one owes her anything and to have her speak to grown women the way she does is totally unacceptable. Not sure what is going on with her and Dawn but I would assume a little brain washing behind the scenes, of course Dawn seems like a complete air head and can’t form her own thoughts and ideas so it would not be that hard to get inside her head, I mean it’s only wasted space. I’m not really sure why Kelly has the big attitude with Chante and Lil Mo because she was overly busy, yes she presented the idea but she was too busy to even set up anything and seemed to only want to push it when Chante went to her to let her know that she found a producer she wanted her to meet. I was totally floored when she sat right there and lied to that mans face, saying she knew nothing about him; both Chante and Lil Mo had told her about Fred. I mean they are the ones who stood up in her place when she left them looking like fools and not knowing they were suppose to get up on stage and if I’m not mistaken the main one that said she wouldn’t do it was……DAWN……. she had the most to say about Kelly not being there and how unprofessional it was of her. Now she is singing Kelly’s praises and riding her coattail.

I never thought Kelly Price would or could act so ghetto,  she tried to intimidate Chante Moore and Lil Mo but that didn’t work and when she saw it wasn’t working that is when she realized she needed to get someone back on her side and that someone happened to be airhead Dawn. Now they both were talking about underhanded and vindictive how about you took the name one of them came up with, ran and had a billboard put up with just you and Dawn, now that is underhanded. Kelly Price is suppose to be the grown adult lady but is running around acting like and immature child and a bronco bull at times. I feel she tries to intimidate everyone with her size and height and I truly feel she went into this with a hidden agenda. She knew everyone was expecting for her to be the caring and nurturing one but because she wanted to stand out she took on this entire other character because if that is how she truly is I’m surprised anyone works with her. I mean she has been relevant in a long time and I guess she took this opportunity to try and jump start her career but it didn’t go as planned because if this is what she planned she should have stayed at the drawing board a little while longer. I need for Mrs. Kelly Price to be a grown black woman owned up to her foolishness and lies she’s told and stop hiding behind her husband and speaking to him in order to get her point across. After this show I really don’t see to many people wanted to work with her or deal with her, she needs to get herself in check and I mean fast. All I can say is Kelly Price is the Nicci Gilbert in LA, lowdown, dirty and conniving all of which are not good looks for a black female in todays music industry and considering they both been off the radar for awhile you would think they would know the word humility, it goes a long way.

Now I’m not sure if she cares about what I say but since I am the ones of millions who helped her get where she is today she may just want to pay attention to what “the little” people have to say.



Twisted World Twisted Thoughts

Twisted Thoughts Red

I have been hearing a lot of different things these days and I have come to realize that it amazes me at how twisted this world has become. You have females saying if a guy doesn’t hit her then he doesn’t love her. I have to say that has to be one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard of and I’ve heard plenty, but I can promise the women this, that is not love at all. A man, a real man is suppose to provide and protect you not harm, hurt, beat or batter you. A real man would rather leave you before he hits you, a real man would rather take blows and bullets for you rather than cause harm to you. We have to learn that love is not painful and is not meant to hurt us, love is meant to encourage us and protect us. Love is meant to build us up not tear us down. If a man has to hit and beat on you then like I said it is not love at all and you should really get out and get out fast, seek whatever help is available to you and take advantage of it. Then you have those that say you can’t have a relationship without having sex, well that’s a lie too because if he really loved and respected you enough to sleep with you then he should love and respect you enough to walk down the aisle with you. Men understand this if you don’t respect her enough to make her your wife then don’t lay down and have sex with her and ladies I say the same thing to you. We as women have to have enough respect for ourselves and say NO, we as people, male and female have to realize and know our worth. Don’t allow anyone to use you for their own pleasure and don’t allow yourself to be used for someone else’s financial gain. There are just to many diseases out there  today and I don’t see how anyone can just lay down with any and everybody and not even think twice about their health. If you don’t love you then you shouldn’t expect anyone else too.

I’ve been trying to figure out how is it that so many of us know the word of God, we even speak, quote and post scriptures of the word but have the hardest time living by the word. I know there is no perfect person walking the face of this earth but at the same time as the saying goes “When you know better you do better” so why is it so hard to do what the words says do? Often times people point out what other are doing wrong but fail to realize or see the wrong they are doing, they have on their “I do no wrong blinders”. Some parents can see their kids headed in the wrong direction but instead of trying to talk to them and put them on the right path they are quick to say “They grown they can do what they want”. Well news flash: if they are so grown why are they still living under your roof, eating your food and expecting you to cook and clean up for them and behind them. If they expect all this from you then you should expect for them to sit and listen to you and try to do better with their lives. You see them walking around have naked posting pictures of their asses in the air or a video of them twerking to some song. I mean it has gotten so bad I saw a video of a mother beating her own daughter like a common street chick and then I saw a little girl who I know couldn’t not have been over the age of 3 just grinding and shaking her body to a nasty song. To make matters worse you know someone had to teach it to her and someone actually took the time to video this and post it on Facebook for the world to see. If it wasn’t the mom then the mom should have been furious and ready to tear someone’s head off for even exploiting her child like this.

I’m not trying to speak about anybody in particular but if some of these things touched your nerves then maybe you need to reevaluate your thoughts and how you’re living your life. I am not perfect but at the same time I strive to live my life better day by day, I know my worth not just as a woman but as a person and a mother. DO YOU KNOW YOURS?