So it’s ok to be a “BITCH”

I have to let you know ahead of time this post contains cursing and if you don’t agree with it please don’t read any farther. I can’t make my point without using the word in the title. Please proceed with caution if you’re a prude.

Can someone please explain this to me? I’m seeing it everywhere, but I don’t get it: Women who identify themselves, and people they purportedly like, as “BITCHES” You call women you don’t like, women who offend and anger you, “BITCHES.” Why on Earth would you want to call yourself a “BITCH”? Why would you want to call someone you like and respect a “BITCH”?
You see for the past couple of weeks I have been doing a lot of thinking and I have come to realize that more and more females are referring to themselves and other females as “BITCHES”. This kind of throws me off because at one point when females heard that word they would be very offended, but now they seem to want to wear it as a badge of honor. Now why anyone wants to be glorified as a female dog will forever be a mystery to me but I guess to each her own right? See it took a couple of loud, foul mouth females on reality shows to start referring to themselves as a “Bad Bitch” or “Bad Bish” and then you started hearing it all the time, then you got the rappers in their songs screaming they looking for and want a “Bad BITCH” or a “down as BITCH”, and not lets forget the best one, “If you’re going to call me a “BITCH” put Miss in front of that. Guess that was supposed to make it better huh, NOT! Once again I ask the question since when was it ok to be referred to as a female dog? Yea I know there will be those who feel this word doesn’t define you and shouldn’t matter if you know your not one but at the same time, if you referring to yourself as one doesn’t that mean you think you’re one. I mean females will go around saying “That’s my BITCH right there, we been cool”, then you got those posting pictures up on Social Media referring to themselves as a “Bad BITCH”. I’m just really having a hard time understanding why this word has become so glorified depending on how it’s used, now you can call yourself a “Bad BITCH” all day but the moment a dude or even another female call you that during an argument or something it becomes a big problem. What I want to know is why, why get mad when if you scroll thorough your timeline and photos you have been wearing it like a badge of honor. Then you have Beyoncé who did a song telling “BITCHES” to bow down, now I got mixed reactions from this but at the same time I know if a male artist had made that same song everyone would have been all up in an uproar, but I guess because it’s “her” it’s ok for her to call female “BITCHES” and tell them to “bow down” to her. I’m still confused on this, why does that make it right? Plus it’s just sad at how many simple-minded female fans she has that may actually do that if they meet her or hear the song at one of her concerts. Now we all know that kids learn and mimic what they see and hear at home, so at what point do you actually stop with the foolishness? I mean you got your young daughters at school or out in public and then you hear them saying “I’m a bad BITCH”, do you get mad and if so why, when that is what they have been taught? Better yet you get a note from the teacher asking for a conference because your daughter has been overheard saying “Girl you know you my BITCH”. Now you sitting there looking all dumb because you’re embarrassed and you swearing up and down you don’t know where she got it from, when you know dang well she got it from you. I mean really of all the things you could teach your child this is what they picked up on because this is what they hear the most. I’m sorry but you can’t have it both ways, you can’t be offended if someone calls you a “BITCH” because you’ve been calling yourself one.
Now like I said I know there are those out there who are going to say “Why is this such a big deal, if you’re not a “BITCH” it shouldn’t matter”. LOL That is just the craziest oxymoron I’ve ever heard, see because I am not a “BITCH” it does offend me and does matter if you call me one, if I was one I wouldn’t give a hill of beans and I would wear that title proudly but at the same time why does any self-respecting LADY want to be referred to as a “BITCH”. Why do you want to be a freaking female dog, and why when used in a way you don’t like you get all offended? I’m sorry but if you are already referring to yourself like that you have no right to get pissed off when someone else calls you that no matter how it’s intended!
You see no matter how times may have changed a lady is a lady is a lady and me being a lady refuse to be referred to as a “BITCH” by anyone no matter how it is being used. Yea we friends, we cool and all but don’t refer to me being “YO BITCH”, I’m your friend whether it’s best friend or just plain friend either way I’m not “YO BITCH”.
Not understanding when and why this is supposed to be some type of female empowerment to be called or referred to as a “BITCH”. If you ask me, I have to say it’s actually setting women back in time and not helping them progress forward. I mean really being in the days of Social Media and anyone can access your stuff, do you think you will find a job you want once they see those photos where you are claiming you’re a “BAD BITCH”? Well unless you are applying at your local strip club, brothel or dog pound it may actually help you out some.
To sum all this up I don’t and I doubt if I ever will understand why females think they have to stand behind this word to feel some type of female empowerment. When are we going to stop being “BITCHES” and just be what we were meant to be Ladies?




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  1. kimyatta · May 21, 2013

    Chelle, I’ve been wondering this forever! One of my problems with the show Girlfriends..and subsequently The Game was that they are forever using it. It bugs me and no matter how bad I become, I will NOT ever be okay with being called that. There is something ESPECIALLY degrading in the word to me. I don’t know. I just make sure to not use it and let others know it is unacceptable to me to be called that…of course..that doesn’t stop the crazies on the phone…lol..

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