Truth Comes To The Light

Truth comes to the light

Often times people tend to think they can do whatever it is they want too and they can tell whatever lies they choose, and to be honest with you that is true but at the same time people tend to forget “The Truth Always Comes To The Light”. No it may not happen as soon as some people would like but eventually it will surface, all the lies that have been told will soon be exposed. You see I feel like this there are three things that cannot long be hidden: The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth! For the life of me I may never understand why people lie oppose to telling the truth, I’m no Saint and yes I’ve told lies but I learned the truth was a lot better and simpler, it’s too hard to try to remember the lies that you’ve told because we all know once you tell one lie you have to keep lying to keep covering each lie, therefore it is a never-ending cycle; so why not just be truthful from the start. See it’s like this, if you are telling a lie in order to establish a relationship with someone you are way wrong, because in doing so you are taking away that persons “Free Will”. If you know you are involved with someone or even married please be upfront with the other person and let them decide if that is a situation they want to get involved in. I can promise you they will respect you more and you may even be surprised at the response you get, as they say “The Truth Can & Will Set You Free.” Some people tend to forget that when meeting someone or getting to know them in the beginning all you have is “Your Word” and when it turns out all your words were lies how do you think the other person is going to feel, do you think they will have respect for you for lying to them? That answer would be NO, a person will respect you more by telling them the truth oppose to telling them lies, I would rather you hurt me with the truth than pacify me with your lies. The truth never hurt anyone but lies can really tear a person apart, you will never know the effects lies can have on someone unless you experience it yourself first hand. You know I need for you to think about this before you open your mouth to tell another lie, How would you feel if the lie you’re about to tell was told to you and later down the road you found out it was a lie? Please be honest about the situation. Now if you’re one of those cold heartless persons who gets thrills out of lying, then by all means please continue to lie but as we all know, “You reap what you sow”, so if you’re sowing lies and deceit in the end lies and deceit shall you reap. Nobody wants or deserves to be lied to, not even a liar, everyone deserves the truth even if you think or feel they can’t handle it because you never know what a person can or can’t handle until it’s presented to them. So tell me this if you know the truth will do and if you don’t want someone to lie to you, “WHY LIE”? Yes I know this is an age-old question we will never know the answer too but I still had to ask. If you’re married say you’re married, if you’re in a relationship say you’re in a relationship because eventually crap will hit the fan and when it does it’s going to be one huge mess that you won’t even know how to begin to clean up. If you don’t like someone, say so and don’t lead them on, if you do like someone, say something before you miss out, don’t just sit there lying to yourself and them. You see it’s not just big lies that matters it’s the small, simple, unnecessary lies that do the most damage to a person’s heart.
Bottom Line for me is this: “Hurt me with the truth now oppose to pacifying me with a lie to only hurt me worse later down the road.” If you can’t tell the truth to someone then maybe, just maybe you don’t need to talk to anyone. A lie don’t care who tells it as long as it gets told.



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