Forever A Hero

As the time draws near this is the day I have dreaded for the past week, you see just last Saturday a fearless and wonderful mother gave up her own life trying to save the lives of  five little girls, sad enough she was only able to save one, her life and the life of four precious little Angels we lost in a tragic house fire. I know many people may have questions as to why this happened or even why God let this happened, let me say this the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy not God. We have to learn how to not question God but to be thankful and find the good in everything no matter how tragic the situation was. See this young mother dedicated her life to working, raising her girls and taking care of her family the best way she knew how. She not only cared for her biological kids but for her other kids as well even though she did not give birth to them. Now as Alonna and her two lovely daughters, Erial and Nikkiah are being prepared to be laid to rest on this day all I can do is continue to pray for the family, friends and the community because this tragedy touched many lives. Now as tragic as this fire was and given the lives that were lost it still amazes me at the negative things people can bring themselves to say about this young lady who gave up her life trying to save lives. You see she had the opportunity to get out but she refused to allow those babies to lay in there helpless and perish. I ask myself would the ones who are doing all the negative talking about this young lady if put in that situation how many of them would have really given up their lives to save other lives. I’m sure at this point everyone is saying they would but I can guarantee you that if facing that same situation a lot of minds would change. So for the life of me I can’t understand how something like this has pulled an entire community together but yet there is still plenty of division, I can’t understand a person with a heart can fix their mouths to curse and speak negative about a young lady who is no longer here and can’t defend herself, I can’t understand how a person can talk about a woman who gave up her life. There is a lot I don’t understand or know and I may never understand or know but I do know and understand this; had she made it out alive and the kids didn’t she wouldn’t have been able to live with herself and the negative talks would still be coming and I’m sure threats would have been made. So as far as I see it this young mother fought and is still fighting {even though she is gone} a no win battle.  No matter what people say or what people think this young lady Allonna McCray White was and always will be a hero in my book. I tip my hat off you too you my dear and with that I say R.I.Peace and R.I.Paradise. I love you and I will always love you, it’s just sad that you still have haters after you’re dead and gone!

Lola Sky


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  1. godcrazzzy · May 21, 2013

    Hello there. thanks for the follow. will check back often. Many blessings

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