The End Of Our Friendship

*Just so you’ll know* Our friendship has run it’s course. I have come to realize that is was onesided and I did more giving and less receiving. I never asked you for much and maybe that was the problem because you asked for a lot. I did and gave because my definition of a friendship is that you’re there for each other and not just when you need the other person. That is considered to be using, if I’m not mistaken. Yes we’ve both had trials and tribulations I realize that but as I sat back and started thinking I also realized that I was always there for you and you less so. Now don’t get me wrong you have helped me out at times I wouldn’t take that from you but I also will say that some times you know I really needed your help or support you weren’t there. You knew but you refused to offer any type of help or support. I took it with a grain of salt and kept my head up. Then once again the roles were reversed and I found myself being there for you despite the fact you weren’t there for me. Because as always I thought we were friends. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not bitter, I’m actually better and let me say Thank You for that. Because of you and your lack luster ways I now know how to treat and handle other so called friends. And I also know that wether you believe it or not you will need me again; trust and believe that. Now the sad part is you won’t be able to call upon me because I won’t be around for you any more. I will continue to pray for you but I will no longer be there for you. You have to understand that you can’t allow someone to come in and change you or take you away from your real “Friends” and it seems thats exactly what you did. But I’m grateful you did because if you hadn’t I wouldn’t have look at our “Friendship” or lack there of and realize all of this. So once again for that I say “Thank You”. See like I said you have helped me out in some ways. *smile* Now I’m sure there will be times when I wanna talk to you but since we haven’t spoken for a while now I can handle and deal with it better. You are an awesome person that much I know, but for me and to me you were a lousy friend. I pray you take this and learn from it and be a better friend to others becasuse if not they will be telling you the same thing. Remember “FRIENDSHIP” takes two people being real and there with one another and not one using the other. Life is to short to be using and mistreating people. Get it right before it’s to late.

**Love You and Be Blessed


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