Lady & The Wig

So I was at Quick Trip and I was sitting there listening to the radio before I got out and I happen to look over at the lady in the car next to me. She was trying on different wigs before she went into the convience store. I mean I know I saw about 4 of them. At one point I was about to ask her if I could borrow one because I didn’t know who was in the store and I wanted to make sure my hair was on point too. When she saw me looking at her and laughing she tried to get an attitude. I mean really lady that is something you should have taken care of before you left home because your head is as bald as a newborns butt. I swear some of the things that people do are really too funny, then she had the nerve to pick a bleached blond wig when she is about 10 shades past black. LOL….Every color is not for everybody.


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