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Published May 12, 2012 by chellebooker

Do right by me and you can have everything good that’s within me.

I may not be who you want me to be, but I am who God made me to be.

I’m that rib that was taken from your side; I’m the one who’s sins were forgiven when He bled and died.

I’m the one who was put here to help not harm you; I’m the one who can help make your dreams come true.

I’m the one who was put here to love you uncondionally; giving you my all and not once actting selfishly.

I’m the one who gives without words having to ever be spoken; the one who know she won the prize because you are her token.

I’m the one who gives without cause; because just like Jesus I fail to see your flaws.

I’m the one who will never go against your dreams, and if given the chance you will see what I mean.

I’m the one who can help you withstand the test and trials you’re going through; But how can I help you if you don’t think my intentions are true.

I’m the one who is up walking the floors praying in the middle of then night; Just to make sure that you and the family can withstand this fight.

I’m the one who will no matter what ever stop loving you; But I can’t make you see or believe the truth.

Even tho I’m done-… You may have missed everything I was trying to say……..

.                                       IT’S SIMPLE I AM THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



“Only God Can Judge Me”

Published May 12, 2012 by chellebooker

All my past indiscretions and hurts

I will continue to bless His name til I’m covered with dirt


You may feel I’ve done this and I’ve done that

but you will never know because you never took a seat where I sat


You say oh you’ve slept with this one & maybe that one too

but you never ask therefore you never know the truth


Yes I’ve fornicated but I’m not the only one

how do you think you got your daughter and or son


To you I may have done nothing right

but to Him I’m perfect in His sight & he had to see something because He chose to give me life


So while you’re throwing your rocks and your stones

He still thinks I’m good enough to sit at His throne;

His throne of Grace and Mercy Will I reside & as I walk the face of this Earth

a smile I will keep because I know He’s by my side


You know that thing you’re wasting worrying bout me it’s called time

so live your life & let me live mine because




“The Silent Killer”

Published May 12, 2012 by chellebooker

Tho it may seem loud it’s not:

Tho you may see the marks and bruises they say nothing
Tho you may hear the bumps and thumps still nothing is said

Excuses are made
“I know the bad things he do to me are my fault”
“He had a bad day, I should have left him alone”
Lies are told
“He will never do it again”
“It only happened once”
The truth is hidden behind fairy tales
Fairy tales that are made up in the mind of the one who can’t speak the words for the truth is to embarrassing
To embarrassed to seek the help that is needed
To emabarrassed to admitt that there is a problem

So you take all the blame on yourself because in your eyes it’s all your fault; he did nothing wrong
You rationalize every hit, every verbal abuse, every mental abuse
Not truly knowing the effect that it has on you
You question yourself as a woman and you ask yourself “What did I do to make him hate me so much”
“Maybe if I had gave him better sex, or even sucked him off a little longer; maybe if I had stopped telling him No and started saying Yes it wouldn’t have happened”
“Maybe if I had shut up and not tallked back to him he wouldn’t have hit me in my mouth”

Maybe, Maybe, Maybe is all you can think to say right now as you lay there not knowing if you’re gonna make it or not, but praying that death overtakes you because you don’t know how to leave but yet you don’t wanna stay.

You’re wondering now why didn’t anyone see so they could have rescued you;
but everyone did see yet you chose to make up lie after lie because you were to embarrassed

Abuse The Silent Killer that so many women refuse to do anything about because they’re to scared or embarrassed to seek the help they need.

Not fully understanding your worth you stay because you’ve been abused all your life and you feel this is love

Not fully understanding that love is not suppose to hurt but heal
Not fully understanding that love is not jealous it’s caring
Not fully understanding that love is kind, and sweet with no strings attached

The Silent Killer: ABUSE
We have to come together and stop the cycle because as long as the abused feels they have no safe haven
They will stay til it’s to late. They will continue to hide behind the make-up and maasquerade mask
They will continue to make up lies and cover for the abuser
They will continue to not know their self worth as a person
They will continue all these things and more until they can’t do anything but lay there and die.

Simply “I”

Published May 12, 2012 by chellebooker

I can’t give you the reaction you expect, because I’m not who you think I am:

I smile because of the pain I’m feeling

I cry because of the joy I have

I laughed because of the hurt people have caused me

I scream because I’m overjoyed

I’m silent because of the peace inside of me….


I’ve been broken; but yet I remain whole

I’ve been scarred; but yet I have no marks

My heart has been frozen; but yet I’m still able to give love

I’ve cried; but yet no tears have left my eyes

I’ve screamed from the pain; but yet no sound came


No sound came from my mouth because I’ve been taught that my God hears my cries even when I can’t say a Word.



Published May 6, 2012 by chellebooker

I’m  more then just pretty eyes and what’s beteween my thighs

I”m more then just soft lips and thick hips

I’m more then just a cute face with a slim waist


I’m so much more more then you see on the outside; I’m so much more then just

..pretty eyes and what’s between my thighs..soft lips and thick hips..cute face with a slim waist


If you look deeper then the outershell you will see a lot more of me; If you took the time to look deep into my core, the core of the person I am on the inside you would see that I’m more then the woman that stands before you..


You will see that I’m a person a person who has been hurt but yet can still love, a person who cries when noone is around but yet still smiles, a person who’s definition goes a lot futher then being a wife, a mother, a boo, a bae, a punching bag, a doormat, a whipping post, a sex slave….


I’m a person who gives without expectting anything in return

I’m a person who listens when everyone else around you only hears

I’m a person who loves unconditionally,even if you don’t expect that of me

I’m a person who will give you their last with no questions asked


I’m that person who was put here to be your queen, but so many are blinded because they’re looking for a king

I’m the person who was put here to build you up and not tear you down, but most of you are blinded simply because I may frown:


A frown that was caused by you for years of overlooking the perfection that God placed before you; because you didn’t feel

….I was Small enough

….I was Pretty enough

….I was Fine enough

….Or maybe even Tall enough


But I was all those things you failed to see because you choose to look on the outside and not into the inside of my core; the core of the person that is ME!!




I AM ME ….   

The End Of Our Friendship

Published May 6, 2012 by chellebooker

*Just so you’ll know* Our friendship has run it’s course. I have come to realize that is was onesided and I did more giving and less receiving. I never asked you for much and maybe that was the problem because you asked for a lot. I did and gave because my definition of a friendship is that you’re there for each other and not just when you need the other person. That is considered to be using, if I’m not mistaken. Yes we’ve both had trials and tribulations I realize that but as I sat back and started thinking I also realized that I was always there for you and you less so. Now don’t get me wrong you have helped me out at times I wouldn’t take that from you but I also will say that some times you know I really needed your help or support you weren’t there. You knew but you refused to offer any type of help or support. I took it with a grain of salt and kept my head up. Then once again the roles were reversed and I found myself being there for you despite the fact you weren’t there for me. Because as always I thought we were friends. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not bitter, I’m actually better and let me say Thank You for that. Because of you and your lack luster ways I now know how to treat and handle other so called friends. And I also know that wether you believe it or not you will need me again; trust and believe that. Now the sad part is you won’t be able to call upon me because I won’t be around for you any more. I will continue to pray for you but I will no longer be there for you. You have to understand that you can’t allow someone to come in and change you or take you away from your real “Friends” and it seems thats exactly what you did. But I’m grateful you did because if you hadn’t I wouldn’t have look at our “Friendship” or lack there of and realize all of this. So once again for that I say “Thank You”. See like I said you have helped me out in some ways. *smile* Now I’m sure there will be times when I wanna talk to you but since we haven’t spoken for a while now I can handle and deal with it better. You are an awesome person that much I know, but for me and to me you were a lousy friend. I pray you take this and learn from it and be a better friend to others becasuse if not they will be telling you the same thing. Remember “FRIENDSHIP” takes two people being real and there with one another and not one using the other. Life is to short to be using and mistreating people. Get it right before it’s to late.

**Love You and Be Blessed

Lady & The Wig

Published May 4, 2012 by chellebooker

So I was at Quick Trip and I was sitting there listening to the radio before I got out and I happen to look over at the lady in the car next to me. She was trying on different wigs before she went into the convience store. I mean I know I saw about 4 of them. At one point I was about to ask her if I could borrow one because I didn’t know who was in the store and I wanted to make sure my hair was on point too. When she saw me looking at her and laughing she tried to get an attitude. I mean really lady that is something you should have taken care of before you left home because your head is as bald as a newborns butt. I swear some of the things that people do are really too funny, then she had the nerve to pick a bleached blond wig when she is about 10 shades past black. LOL….Every color is not for everybody.